80. Keong Mas - Jawa Timur

In the kingdom of Daha, there lived two girls are very beautiful. The Princess named Candra Kirana and Dewi Galuh. King's two daughters are living a very happy and self sufficiency.

Until one day there came a very handsome prince of the kingdom to the kingdom of Daha Kahuripan. The prince named Raden Inu Kertapati. The purpose of his coming to the kingdom of Daha is to apply Candra Kirana. Arrival Raden Inu Kertapati greatly welcomed by the King Kertamarta, and finally engaged to Candra Kirana Raden Inu Kertapati.

The engagement was apparently made Dewi Galuh jealous. Because they felt that Raden Inu Kertapati more suitable for her. Therefore Dewi Galuh went to Grandmother's house Magic. She asked that the witch was Candra Kirana conjured into something disgusting and kept away from Raden Inu. Grandmother Magic Dewi Galuh also approved the request, and Candra Kirana conjured into Keong Mas, then throw it into the river.

One day an old woman looking for fish with nets, and Keong Mas are transported in nets. Keong Mas was then brought home and placed in jars. The next day the grandmother was looking for another fish in the river, but did not get the fish. The grandmother then decided to go home, when she got home she was very shocked, because in the table are available cuisine is delicious. The grandmother was wondering to herself, who sent this cuisine.

Similarly, the next day the grandmother underwent a similar incident, the next morning Grandma would like a peek at what happened when she went fishing. The old woman then pretend to go to the river for fishing as usual, then go to the back of the house for a peek. After a while, the grandmother was shocked. Due to the existing Keong Mas in crock transformed into a beautiful girl. So the girl to cook and prepare the food on the table. Feeling curious, and grandmother ventured to rebuke the pretty princess that.

"Who are you beautiful princess, and where you come from?", Asked the grandmother.

"I am the princess of an enchanted kingdom of Daha a Keong Mas by my sister as envoy witch envied me," said the Keong Mas. 

After answering questions from grandma, Candra Kirana changed again to Keong Mas, and grandmother greatly astonished.

While Inu Kertapati prince would not say anything when he knew kirana moon disappeared. He began to find ways to disguise a commoner. Grandma magic finally know and turn her into a raven to harm Raden Inu Kertapati. Raden Inu Kertapati Shocked to see a crow that can speak and identify its purpose. He considers it holy crow and follow it when raden Inu given the wrong direction. Raden Inu journey met a grandfather who was hungry, gave the old man a meal. Apparently my grandfather was a good magic. He helped Raden Inu of crow.

The old man with the cane hitting crows and birds in smoke. Raden Inu finally told where Candra Kirana was, he sent it away village Dadapan village. After walking for days and came to Dadapan Village, he approached a hut he saw to ask for a sip of water because his supply was exhausted. In the hut he was very surprised, because he saw through the window of Candra Kirana was cooking. Finally, the magic of the witch is gone because of that encounter. Raden Inu finally brought his fiancee and grandmother were kind to the palace, and Candra Kirana tell the king acts Dewi Galuh Kertamarta.

Sire apologize to Candra Kirana and vice versa. Dewi Galuh then got punishment. Since the Dewi Galuh feel afraid, then she fled into the woods. Finally marriage Candra Kirana and Raden Inu Kertapati was held, and the party was very festive. Eventually they lived happily.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Di Kerajaan Daha, hiduplah dua orang putri yang sangat cantik jelita. Putri nan cantik jelita tersebut bernama Candra Kirana dan Dewi Galuh. Kedua putri Raja tersebut hidup sangat bahagia dan serba kecukupan.
Hingga suatu hari datanglah seorang pangeran yang sangat tampan dari Kerajaan Kahuripan ke Kerajaan Daha. Pangeran tersebut bernama Raden Inu Kertapati. Maksud kedatangannya ke Kerajaan Daha adalah untuk melamar Candra Kirana. Kedatangan Raden Inu Kertapati sangat disambut baik oleh Raja Kertamarta, dan akhirnya Candra Kirana ditunangkan dengan Raden Inu Kertapati.

Pertunangan itu ternyata membuat Dewi Galuh merasa iri. Kerena dia merasa kalau Raden Inu Kertapati lebih cocok untuk dirinya. Oleh karena itu Dewi Galuh lalu pergi ke rumah Nenek Sihir. Dia meminta agar nenek sihir itu menyihir Candra Kirana menjadi sesuatu yang menjijikkan dan dijauhkan dari Raden Inu. Nenek Sihir pun menyetujui permintaan Dewi Galuh, dan menyihir Candra Kirana menjadi Keong Mas, lalu membuangnya ke sungai. 

Suatu hari seorang nenek sedang mencari ikan dengan jala, dan Keong Mas terangkut dalam jalanya tersebut. Keong Mas itu lalu dibawanya pulang dan ditaruh di tempayan. Besoknya nenek itu mencari ikan lagi di sungai, tetapi tak mendapat ikan seekorpun. Kemudian Nenek tersebut memutuskan untuk pulang saja, sesampainya di rumah ia sangat kaget sekali, karena di meja sudah tersedia masakan yang sangat enak-enak. Si nenek bertanya-tanya pada dirinya sendiri, siapa yang mengirim masakan ini. 

Begitu pula hari-hari berikutnya si nenek menjalani kejadian serupa, keesokan paginya nenek ingin mengintip apa yang terjadi pada saat dia pergi mencari ikan. Nenek itu lalu berpura-pura pergi ke sungai untuk mencari ikan seperti biasanya, lalu pergi ke belakang rumah untuk mengintipnya. Setelah beberapa saat, si nenek sangat terkejut. Karena Keong Mas yang ada ditempayan berubah wujud menjadi gadis cantik.

Gadis tersebut lalu memasak dan menyiapkan masakan tersebut di meja. Karena merasa penasaran, lalu nenek tersebut memberanikan diri untuk menegur putri nan cantik itu. 

“Siapakah kamu ini putri cantik, dan dari mana asalmu?”, tanya si nenek. 

"Aku adalah putri kerajaan Daha yang disihir menjadi Keong Mas oleh nenek sihir utusan saudaraku karena merasa iri kepadaku", kata Keong Mas. 

Setelah menjawab pertanyaan dari nenek, Candra Kirana berubah lagi menjadi Keong Mas, dan nenek sangat terheran-heran. 

Sementara pangeran Inu Kertapati tak mau diam saja ketika tahu candra kirana menghilang. Iapun mencarinya dengan cara menyamar menjadi rakyat biasa. Nenek sihirpun akhirnya tahu dan mengubah dirinya menjadi gagak untuk mencelakakan Raden Inu Kertapati.

Raden Inu Kertapati Kaget sekali melihat burung gagak yang bisa berbicara dan mengetahui tujuannya. Ia menganggap burung gagak itu sakti dan menurutinya padahal raden Inu diberikan arah yang salah. Diperjalanan Raden Inu bertemu dengan seorang kakek yang sedang kelaparan, diberinya kakek itu makan. Ternyata kakek adalah orang sakti yang baik. Ia menolong Raden Inu dari burung gagak itu. 

Kakek itu memukul burung gagak dengan tongkatnya, dan burung itu menjadi asap. Akhirnya Raden Inu diberitahu dimana Candra Kirana berada, disuruhnya raden itu pergi kedesa dadapan. Setelah berjalan berhari-hari sampailah ia kedesa Dadapan Ia menghampiri sebuah gubuk yang dilihatnya untuk meminta seteguk air karena perbekalannya sudah habis.

Di gubuk itu ia sangat terkejut, karena dari balik jendela ia melihat Candra Kirana sedang memasak. Akhirnya sihir dari nenek sihir pun hilang karena perjumpaan itu. Akhirnya Raden Inu memboyong tunangannya beserta nenek yang baik hati tersebut ke istana, dan Candra Kirana menceritakan perbuatan Dewi Galuh pada Baginda Kertamarta. 

Baginda minta maaf kepada Candra Kirana dan sebaliknya. Dewi Galuh lalu mendapat hukuman yang setimpal. Karena Dewi Galuh merasa takut, maka dia melarikan diri ke hutan. Akhirnya pernikahan Candra kirana dan Raden Inu Kertapati pun berlangsung, dan pesta tersebut sangat meriah. Akhirnya mereka hidup bahagia.

79. Legenda Putri Mambang Linau - The Legend of Putri Mambang Linau - Riau

Once, on the ground there lived a young man named Bengkalis Bujang Enok. He lived poor and lonely, fatherless, motherless, not even brothers. However, he is a fine young man and a generous heart. Work daily to fetch wood fire in the woods, which he sold to the market or be exchanged with rice and other life needs.

One morning, Bujang Enok was walking in the forest, he suddenly confronted by a poisonous snake.

"Ssssss ssssss ...... .....", hissing snake sticking out their tongue at Bujang Enok. Seeing the snake, Bujang Enok trying cleared well, but do not also want to go. Then he squelched. When he set aside, the snake was just about to peck Bujang Enok. By necessity, even prod him with Bujang Enok semambu (rattan cane), heirloom legacy of his late father. Once whip, venomous snakes were writhing and dying. Having looked immobile again, Bujang Enok immediately bury the snake by the roadside. After that, he began gathering wood. When will start his job, he heard a woman's voice in the conversation.

"Venomous snake is dead," said a female voice from the depths of the river upstream.

"Thankfully, we will not disturb the snake again," said another female voice.

Increasingly, more and more voices are clearly heard by a Bujang Enok, but he did not heed the voice, and he continued his work gathering wood.

At noon, as usual Bujang Enok returned to his hut. When he went into the kitchen hut, Bujang Enok was surprised, because the rice was available in the kitchen and all the side dishes were delicious taste. An unbearable hunger, he was immediately devoured all the dishes presented it. While enjoying the delicious food, the Bujang Enok wondered to myself..

"My mother had died, I did not have a brother, a neighbor is also very far from here. So who ya ..... who serve this food? '. These thoughts kept running through his mind. Out of curiosity, he intended to find out the people who serve the food.

The next day, Bujang Enok implement his intention to seek out people who have dared to go into the hut. That day he decided not to go to the forest. From morning to noon waiting for people coming into the cabin. Bujang Enok waited in the bushes that are not far from the cottage. By midday, suddenly from the depths, came seven lovely girl. They come in a procession and uphold the dish, then went into the hut Bujang Enok. The seven girls were wearing rainbow-colored scarves. However, of the seven girls, girls orange scarf most beautiful colors.

"Wow, that girl's beautiful orange scarf ?", Bujang Enok muttered as he watched the girl to disappear from view.

Shortly thereafter, she was seventh out of the hut Bujang Enok, and walked toward the bottom of the river. With careful steps, Bujang Enok the seventh trailing dainty girl was up to the bottom edge of the river, and then hid in a hedge of bushes.

Behind the bush, Bujang Enok could see seven girls to be changed amid a shower. Each hook her shawl on a wooden stick. They shower while bersendau joke, until he noticed the Bujang Enok is not far from where they shower. The atmosphere is lively, the Bujang Enok used to take a scarf hanging in the branches. From behind the bushes, Bujang Enok hooking a stick into the orange scarf. Then he pulled it slowly, and then grabbed the scarf and hiding under her clothes. After that, he went back to hiding behind the bushes.

After bathing, the seven girls up to the edge of the bottom and change clothes. Each took and put on her shawl hanging on the branches. However, among the seven girls there was a girl who loses her shawl.

 "Where is my scarves" ?

Asked the girl, looking for a lost shawl. However, no one knows where his scarf. Then, she went on her quest, assisted by six other girls. After a while they were looking for, but the orange scarf never found. By late afternoon, the six girls who have been wearing scarves, suddenly danced and then drifting into space leaving the girl who lost the scarf alone at the bottom edge. In the meantime, Bujang Enok were astonished witnessed the event from behind the bushes. Bujang Enok kept looking at her without blinking sixth bit. The higher fly into space, the smaller the sixth girl look. Until they finally disappeared from view Bujang Enok.

After that, Bujang Enok out of hiding and approached the girl who was looking for her shawl.

"What are you looking for, my beautiful girl" asked Bujang Enok.

"Sir, if you knows orange scarf, shawl I beg restore it," pleaded the girl he worshiped.

Bujang Enok shook his head and said :

"I am willing to return the lady's scarf orange, but on condition, my lady to marry me," said Bujang Enok.

"Yes, I promised to marry you, as long as can promise you all, if I had to dance, then we'll divorce you," she said with genuine beauty.

"Well, I am willing to remember that promise. My name Bujang Enok," said Bujang Enok introduce himself.

"My name Mambang Linau," said the lovely girl's back.

Since then, they build an ark love in the household. Bujang Enok and Mambang Linau and live a happy, harmonious and fulfilling.

Since her marriage to Mambang Linau, Bujang Enok increasingly famous in his village with the merciful nature. The generous of Bujang Enok was heard by the King in power in the country. Then the king summoned Bujang Enok facing him to be appointed as Batin (village head) in the village Petalangan. Bujang Enok came to the palace.

Once in the presence of the king, "Please, Your Majesty! What the hell Majesty summoned me?", Bujang Enok asked her salute.

"O Bujang Enok, would you mind I made in the village Petalangan?", The King asked anyway.

"Please, Your Majesty! If it is the will of the king, gladly willing servant to mind, "he replied softly Bujang Enok salute.  

Bujang Enok willingness to make the King happy mind. A few days later, Bujang Enok was inducted into the Inner Petalangan in the village.

Since becoming Batin, Bujang Enok became one of the King's confidence. Each party, the King always invite Bujang Enok.

One day, the King held a party at the palace. The party shall be filled with dances presented by ladies, princes palace wife, wives of princes and the king's confidence, including Bujang Enok's wife, Princess Mambang Linau. Once the show began, one by one the wives present their dance. Princess Mambang Linau watching a dance, started pounding. In her heart, "If I come to dance, then I'm getting a divorce with my husband."

" No sooner had she finished muttered, suddenly..

"We are pleased Princess Mambang Linau," the word of the King accompanied by the applause of the audience. Hear the word of the king, her heart pounding even more. Bujang Enok flunky who sat beside him turned to his wife..

"O my wife Mambang Linau, I'am upholding the king," whispered Bujang Enok.

Mambang Linau understand the meaning of his whisper, and replied "By upholding the king and gratitude for the prestige of the country, I am willing to dance," said Mambang Linau while wearing orange scarves and then headed to the stage.

Before starting dance, Princess Mambang Linau first perform movements offerings to maintain the decorum and respect in the palace of the King. After that, he began to dance like a hawk. She waved her shawl while flapping-pulled. Slowly raised her legs like no foothold on Earth. Suddenly Princess Mambang Linau contort her body, and immediately he was flying, soaring into the sky toward heaven. All present gasped witness the event. Since then, Princess Mambang Linau never to return again.

Since then, the Inner Bujang Enok divorced love with Princess Mambang Linau. How great sacrifice Bujang Enok. He was willing to divorce his wife for the sake of upholding the precepts of the King. Realizing this, the King was awarded an honorary Bujang Enok Penghulu inducted into the ruling in the court. This event is also born of a poem that reads :

Take the hint of lime

Try to taste at the ends of all

Anyway go the Princess Mambang Linau

Own servants uphold dust

After the event, the King of State utter that to honor the sacrifices Bujang Enok, the dance event held every year offerings. This dance tells the Princess Mambang Linau from meeting to parting with Bujang Enok. Because the movement resembles an eagle was flying (eagle babegar), then dance the dance called hawks. Now, people prefer to call it dance Riau-Olang Olang. Olang Olang-dance is usually played with the accompaniment of drum (gubano) fiddle, calempong and gong. This dance can be found in the district and Merbau Siak, Bengkalis regency, Riau, Indonesia.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Alkisah, di tanah Bengkalis hiduplah seorang pemuda bernama Bujang Enok. Ia hidup miskin dan sebatang kara, tak berayah, tak beribu, tak juga bersaudara. Namun, ia adalah pemuda yang baik dan pemurah hati. Pekerjaan sehari-harinya mencari kayu api di dalam hutan, yang kemudian dijualnya ke pasar atau ditukarkannya dengan beras dan keperluan hidupnya yang lain.

Suatu pagi, Bujang Enok sedang berjalan di tengah hutan, tiba-tiba ia dihadang seekor ular berbisa. “Ssssss......Ssssss.....”, ular itu berdesis menjulur-julurkan lidahnya ke arah Bujang Enok. Melihat ular itu, Bujang Enok berusaha menghalaunya dengan baik, namun tidak juga mau pergi. Lalu ia pun mendiamkannya. Ketika ia diamkan, ular itu justru hendak mematuk Bujang Enok. Dengan terpaksa, Bujang Enok pun melecutnya dengan semambu (tongkat rotan), pusaka peninggalan almarhum ayahnya.

Sekali lecut, ular berbisa itu pun menggeliat, lalu mati. Setelah melihat tak bergerak lagi, Bujang Enok segera mengubur ular itu di pinggir jalan. Setelah itu, ia pun mulai mengumpulkan kayu api. Ketika akan memulai pekerjaannya, ia mendengar suara perempuan sedang bercakap-cakap. “Ular berbisa itu telah mati”, kata sebuah suara perempuan dari arah lubuk di hulu sungai. “Syukurlah, kita tidak akan diganggu ular itu lagi”, sahut suara perempuan lainnya. Semakin lama, suara-suara tersebut semakin jelas terdengar oleh Bujang Enok, namun ia tidak menghiraukan suara tersebut, dan ia terus melanjutkan pekerjaannya mengumpulkan kayu api.

Pada saat tengah hari, seperti biasanya Bujang Enok pulang ke pondoknya. Ketika dia masuk ke dapur pondoknya, Bujang Enok merasa heran, karena di dapurnya telah tersedia nasi dan segala lauk pauk yang lezat rasanya. Karena lapar yang tak tertahan, ia pun langsung melahap semua hidangan yang tersaji itu. Sambil menikmati kelezatan makanan itu, Bujang Enok menebak-nebak dalam hati, “Ibuku sudah meninggal dunia, aku pun tak punya saudara, tetanggaku juga sangat jauh dari sini. Lalu, siapa ya.....yang menghidangkan makanan ini?”. Pikiran-pikiran itu terus berkecamuk dalam benaknya. Karena penasaran, ia pun berniat untuk mencari tahu orang yang menghidangkan makanan itu.

Keesokan harinya, Bujang Enok melaksanakan niatnya untuk mencari tahu orang yang telah berani masuk ke dalam pondoknya. Hari itu ia memutuskan tidak pergi ke hutan. Dari pagi hingga siang ditunggunya orang yang masuk ke pondoknya. Bujang Enok menunggu di antara semak-semak yang berada tak jauh dari pondoknya.

Menjelang tengah hari, tiba-tiba dari arah lubuk, datang tujuh gadis jelita. Mereka datang beriring-iringan dan menjunjung hidangan, lalu masuk ke dalam pondok Bujang Enok. Ketujuh gadis itu mengenakan selendang berwarna pelangi. Namun dari ketujuh gadis itu, gadis yang berselendang warna jinggalah yang paling cantik. “Waw, cantik sekali gadis yang berselendang jingga itu?”, gumam Bujang Enok sambil mengawasi gadis itu hingga hilang dari pandangannya.
Tak lama kemudian, ketujuh gadis itu keluar dari pondok Bujang Enok, dan berjalan ke arah lubuk hulu sungai. Dengan langkah hati-hati, Bujang Enok membuntuti ketujuh gadis jelita itu hingga ke pinggir lubuk hulu sungai, lalu bersembunyi di rimbunan semak-semak. Di balik semak-semak itu, Bujang Enok dapat melihat ketujuh gadis itu tengah berganti pakaian yang akan mandi. Masing-masing gadis itu menyangkutkan selendangnya pada sebuah ranting kayu. Mereka mandi sambil bersendau gurau, hingga tak menyadari kehadiran Bujang Enok yang tak jauh dari tempat mereka mandi. Suasana yang ramai itu, digunakan Bujang Enok untuk mengambil selendang yang tergantung di ranting.

Dari balik semak-semak, Bujang Enok mengaitkan sebuah tongkat ke selendang yang berwarna jingga. Kemudian ia menariknya dengan pelan-pelan, lalu meraih selendang itu dan menyembunyikan di balik bajunya. Setelah itu, ia pun kembali bersembunyi di balik semak-semak.

Setelah selesai mandi, ketujuh gadis itu naik ke tepi lubuk lalu berganti pakaian. Masing-masing mengambil dan mengenakan selendangnya yang tergantung di ranting. Namun, di antara ketujuh gadis itu ada seorang gadis yang kehilangan selendang. “Selendang saya di mana?, tanya gadis itu sambil mencari-cari selendangnya yang hilang. Namun, tak seorang pun temannya yang tahu keberadaan selendang itu. Lalu, gadis itu meneruskan pencariannya, dibantu keenam gadis lainnya. Setelah beberapa lama mereka mencari, tapi selendang jingga itu tak kunjung ditemukan.. Menjelang sore, keenam gadis yang telah mengenakan selendang, tiba-tiba menari dan kemudian melayang-layang terbang ke angkasa meninggalkan gadis yang kehilangan selendang itu seorang diri di tepian lubuk. Sementara itu, Bujang Enok tercengang-cengang menyaksikan peristiwa itu dari balik semak-semak. Bujang Enok terus memandangi keenam gadis itu tanpa berkedip sedikit pun. Makin tinggi terbang ke angkasa, makin kecil keenam gadis itu terlihat. Sampai akhirnya mereka menghilang dari pandangan Bujang Enok.

Setelah itu, Bujang Enok keluar dari persembunyiannya dan menghampiri gadis yang sedang mencari-cari selendangnya. “Apa yang kau cari, wahai gadis cantik?” tanya Bujang Enok.

“Tuan, apabila Tuan mengetahui selendang berwarna jingga, hamba mohon kembalikanlah selendang itu,” pinta Gadis itu sambil menyembah. Bujang Enok menggeleng-gelengkan kepalanya, lalu berkata : “Saya bersedia mengembalikan selendang jingga milik Tuan Putri, tetapi dengan syarat, Tuan Putri bersedia menikah dengan saya,” kata Bujang Enok. “Ya, saya berjanji bersedia menikah dengan Tuan, asalkan Tuan sanggup berjanji pula, apabila saya terpaksa harus menari, berarti kita akan bercerai kasih,” kata gadis jelita itu dengan tulus. “Baiklah, saya bersedia mengingat janji itu. Nama saya Bujang Enok,” jelas Bujang Enok memperkenalkan dirinya. “Nama saya Mambang Linau,” kata gadis jelita itu membalasnya. Sejak saat itu, mereka menjalin cinta kasih dalam sebuah bahtera rumah tangga. Bujang Enok dan Mambang Linau hidup bahagia, rukun dan berkecukupan.

Sejak menikah dengan Mambang Linau, Bujang Enok semakin terkenal di kampungnya dengan sifat pemurahnya. Kepemurahan hati Bujang Enok itu terdengar oleh Raja yang berkuasa di negeri itu. Kemudian sang Raja pun memanggil Bujang Enok menghadap kepadanya untuk diangkat menjadi Batin (Kepala Kampung) di kampung Petalangan. Bujang Enok pun datang ke istana. Setelah di hadapan Raja.

“Ampun, Baginda! Ada apa gerangan Baginda memanggil hamba?”, tanya Bujang Enok sambil memberi hormat.

“Wahai Bujang Enok, bersediakah kamu saya jadikan Batin di kampung Petalangan?‘, sang Raja bertanya pula. “Ampun, Baginda! Jika itu kehendak Baginda, dengan senang hati hamba bersedia menjadi Batin”, jawab Bujang Enok pelan sambil memberi hormat. Kesediaan Bujang Enok menjadi Batin membuat sang Raja senang. Beberapa hari kemudian, Bujang Enok pun dilantik menjadi Batin di kampung Petalangan.

Sejak menjadi Batin, Bujang Enok pun menjadi salah seorang kepercayaan sang Raja. Setiap mengadakan pesta, sang Raja selalu mengundang Bujang Enok. Suatu hari, sang Raja mengadakan pesta di istana. Dalam pesta itu wajib diisi dengan tari-tarian yang dipersembahkan oleh dayang, istri pembesar istana, istri para penghulu dan kepercayaan raja, termasuk istri Bujang Enok, Putri Mambang Linau.

Setelah acara dimulai, satu persatu para istri mempersembahkan tarian mereka. Putri Mambang Linau yang sedang menyaksikan pertunjukan tarian itu, mulai berdebar-debar. Dalam hatinya, “Jika aku ikut menari, berarti aku akan bercerai dengan Suamiku”. Baru saja ia selesai bergumam, tiba-tiba, “Kami persilakan Putri Mambang Linau,” titah Raja diiringi tepuk tangan para hadirin.

Mendengar titah sang Raja, hatinya pun semakin berdebar kencang. Bujang Enok yang duduk di sampingnya menoleh ke arah istrinya, “Wahai adinda Mambang Linau, kakanda menjunjung tinggi titah raja,” bisik Bujang Enok. Mambang Linau mengerti maksud bisikan suaminya, lalu menjawab “Demi menjunjung titah raja dan rasa syukur atas tuah negeri, saya bersedia menari,” jawab Mambang Linau seraya mengenakan selendang berwarna jingga dan kemudian menuju ke atas pentas.

Sebelum memulai tariannya, Putri Mambang Linau terlebih dahulu melakukan gerakan-gerakan persembahan untuk menjaga tata kesopanan dalam istana dan menghormati sang Raja. Setelah itu, ia pun mulai menari layaknya seekor burung elang. Ia melambaikan selendangnya seraya mengepak-ngepakkannya. Perlahan-lahan kakinya diangkat seperti tak berpijak di bumi.

Tiba-tiba Mambang Linau meliukkan badannya, dan seketika itu ia pun terbang melayang, membubung ke angkasa menuju kayangan. Semua yang hadir terperangah menyaksikan peristiwa tersebut. Sejak itu, Putri Mambang Linau tidak pernah kembali lagi. Sejak itu pula, Batin Bujang Enok bercerai kasih dengan Putri Mambang Linau. Betapa besar pengorbanan Bujang Enok. Ia rela bercerai dengan istrinya demi menjunjung tinggi titah sang Raja. Menyadari hal itu, sang Raja pun menganugerahi Bujang Enok sebuah kehormatan yaitu dilantik menjadi Penghulu yang berkuasa di istana. Dari peristiwa ini pula lahir sebuah pantun yang berbunyi :

Ambillah seulas si buah limau 
coba cicipi di ujung-ujung sekali
Sudahlah pergi si Mambang Linau
Hamba sendiri menjunjung duli

Setelah peristiwa itu, Raja Negeri bertitah bahwa untuk menghormati pengorbanan Bujang Enok, maka setiap tahun diadakan acara tari persembahan. Tarian ini mengisahkan Putri Mambang Linau sejak pertemuan sampai perpisahannya dengan Bujang Enok. Karena gerakannya menyerupai burung elang yang sedang melayang (elang babegar), maka tarian itu dinamakan tarian elang-elang. Kini, masyarakat Riau lebih senang menyebutnya tari olang-olang. Tarian olang-olang ini biasanya dimainkan dengan diiringi oleh gendang (gubano) rebab, calempong dan gong. Tarian ini dapat dijumpai di kecamatan Siak dan Merbau, kabupaten Bengkalis, Riau, Indonesia.

78. Legenda Ikan Patin - The Legend of Catfish

In ancient times, in Tanah Melayu lived an old fisherman named Awang Gading. He lived alone on the edge of a broad, clear river. While living alone, Awang Gading is always happy. He was grateful for every blessing given by God. His days were spent working fishing and look for wood in the forest.

One day, Awang Gading fishing in the river. While chanting merrily, his waiting hook. The birds are chirping helped add to the excitement Awang Gading. It is many times eaten bait fish, but when the hook pulled, fish apart again.

"The tide swallow to the gills, the water receded swallowed into the stomach, grabs ...! Let me do noise broke, "sings sounds Awang Gading throwing his line back.

Slowly the day went in the evening, but no fish were obtained. "How fortunate I did not today," complained Awang Gading. He was rushed to clean equipment and intend pole home. Suddenly, he heard a baby crying. Curious, Awang Gading seek the origin of the sound. Shortly thereafter, Awang Gading saw a girl lying on a rock. Apparently he had just been born by his mother.

"The child who is he? Pity, left alone by the river, "murmured Awang Gading then took the girl home. The night was also facing the Awang Gading village elders to show baby finds.

"Blessed Awang, because you believed the king river dwellers to maintain their children. Treat him well, "Village Elders message.

The next day, Awang Gading syuk held for the presence of a baby in the middle of his life. Awang invited all his neighbors. Awang Gading gave the baby a name Dayang Kumunah.

"Lady dear, my a .... Hurry up to be a girl's dream, "sang Awang Gading while cradling Lady Kumunah. Since the presence of Dayang, Awang grow diligent work. Awang give love and attention to Dayang abundant. Various knowledge be taught to Dayang. Not to forget the lessons of character is also given. Sometimes he invited Dayang find wood or fish to get to know nature more closely. Dayang Kumunah grown into a very beautiful girl and virtuous. He also diligently to help his father. Unfortunately, Dayang Kumunah never laughed.

One day, a rich young man named Awangku Usop Awang Gading stop at home. He was stunned to see the beauty Dayang Kumunah. Soon Dayang Awangku Usop apply in Awang Gading. Application Awangku Usop acceptable, but Dayang Kumunah conditions apply.

"Kanda Usop, we actually come from two different worlds. I come from the river and have different habits with humans. I will be a good wife, but do not ask me to laugh, "pleaded Lady Kumunah. Awangku Usop approve these terms.

Their wedding was held at a very festive party. All the neighbors and relatives of the bride and groom are invited. Meals are available in abundance. The entire invitation was happy to see the couple. Dayang Kumunah a very pretty girl and Awangku Usop a very handsome young man. It's a perfect match.

Dayang Kumunah and Awangku Usop live happily. However, their happiness did not last long. A few weeks after the wedding, Awang Gading died. To months Dayang Kumunah sad though Awang Usop always tries his heart is happy. Fortunately, sadness Dayang Kumunah immediately relieved with the birth of children of five. Although it now has five children, Awangku Usop feel happiness is not complete before seeing Lady Kumunah laugh.

One day, the youngest daughter began to walk with limping. All the family members look happy laugh, but Dayang Kumunah. Awangku Usop asked Dayang Kumunah to laugh. Dayang Kumunah reject it, but her husband kept pushing. Finally, Dayang laughed. When laughter is, behold, at the mouth of the fish gills Dayang Kumunah signifying his descent fish. After that, Dayang immediately ran to the river. Awangku Usop and their children wonder and followed him. Dayang's body slowly turned into a fish. Awangku Usop and children left behind. Awangku Usop has reneged on his promise to ask Lady Kumunah laugh.

Awangku Usop soon realized his err and apologized. He asked Dayang Kumunah return to their homes. However, it was too late. Dayang has been plunged into a river. She has a beautiful fish with body shape and shiny skin without scales. Her face resembles a human expression. Her tail as if a pair of crossed legs. People call it catfish.

Awangku Usop and children are very sad. They promised not to eat catfish because they are regarded as family. That is why there are some people who do not eat Malay catfish.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Pada zaman dahulu, di Tanah Melayu hidup seorang nelayan tua bernama Awang Gading. Dia tinggal sendirian di tepi sebuah sungai yang luas dan jernih. Walaupun hidup seorang diri, Awang Gading selalu berbahagia. Dia mensyukuri setiap nikmat yang diberikan Tuhan. Hari-harinya dihabiskan untuk bekerja mencari ikan dan mencari kayu di hutan. 

Suatu hari, Awang Gading mancing di sungai. Sambil berdendang riang, dia menunggui kailnya. Burung-burung turut berkicau menambah kegembiraan Awang Gading. Sudah berkali-kali umpannya dimakan ikan, namun saat kailnya ditarik, ikannya terlepas lagi.

"Air pasang telan ke insang, air surut telan ke perut, renggutlah ...! Biar putus jangan ribut,” terdengar dendang Awang Gading sambil melempar pancingnya kembali.
Perlahan hari beranjak petang, namun tak seekor ikan pun diperolehnya. “Alangkah tidak beruntungnya diriku hari ini,” keluh Awang Gading. Ia bergegas membereskan peralatan pancingnya dan berniat pulang. Tiba-tiba terdengar tangisan bayi. Dengan penasaran, Awang Gading mencari asal suara tersebut. Tak lama kemudian, Awang Gading melihat bayi perempuan tergolek di atas batu. Rupanya dia baru saja dilahirkan oleh ibunya.
"Anak siapa gerangan? Kasihan, ditinggal seorang diri di tepi sungai,” gumam Awang Gading kemudian membawa pulang bayi perempuan tersebut. Malam itu juga Awang Gading menghadap tetua kampungnya untuk memperlihatkan bayi yang ditemukannya.
"Berbahagialah Awang, karena kamu dipercaya raja penghuni sungai untuk memelihara anaknya. Rawatlah dia dengan baik,” pesan Tetua Kampung.

Keesokan harinya, Awang Gading mengadakan tasyakuran atas hadirnya bayi di tengah kehidupannya. Awang mengundang seluruh tetangganya. Awang Gading memberi nama bayi tersebut Dayang Kumunah.

“Dayang sayang, anakku seorang .... Cepatlah besar menjadi gadis dambaan,” dendang Awang Gading saat menimang-nimang Dayang Kumunah. Sejak kehadiran Dayang, Awang bertambah rajin bekerja. Awang memberikan kasih sayang dan perhatian yang melimpah untuk Dayang. Berbagai pengetahuan yang dimiliki ditularkannya kepada Dayang. Tak lupa pelajaran budi pekerti juga diberikannya. Kadang diajaknya Dayang mencari kayu atau mengail untuk mengenal alam secara lebih dekat. Dayang Kumunah tumbuh menjadi gadis yang sangat cantik dan berbudi. Dia juga rajin membantu bapaknya. Sayang, Dayang Kumunah tidak pernah tertawa.

Suatu hari, seorang pemuda kaya bernama Awangku Usop singgah di rumah Awang Gading. Dia terpesona saat melihat kecantikan Dayang Kumunah. Tak lama kemudian Awangku Usop melamar Dayang pada Awang Gading. Lamaran Awangku Usop diterima, tetapi Dayang Kumunah mengajukan syarat.

"Kanda Usop, sebenarnya kita berasal dari dua dunia yang berbeda. Saya berasal dari sungai dan mempunyai kebiasaan yang berlainan dengan manusia. Saya akan menjadi seorang istri yang baik, tetapi jangan minta saya untuk tertawa,” pinta Dayang Kumunah. Awangku Usop menyetujui syarat tersebut.

Pernikahan mereka diadakan dengan pesta yang sangat meriah. Semua tetangga dan kerabat kedua mempelai diundang. Aneka hidangan tersedia dengan melimpah. Seluruh undangan gembira menyaksikan pasangan pengantin itu. Dayang Kumunah gadis yang sangat cantik dan Awangku Usop seorang pemuda yang sangat tampan. Sungguh pasangan yang serasi. 

Awangku Usop dan Dayang Kumunah hidup berbahagia. Namun, kebahagiaan mereka tak berlangsung lama. Beberapa minggu setelah pernikahan, Awang Gading meninggal dunia. Hingga berbulan-bulan Dayang Kumunah bersedih meskipun Awang Usop selalu berusaha membahagiakan hati istrinya tersebut. Untunglah, kesedihan Dayang Kumunah segera terobati dengan kelahiran anak-anaknya yang berjumlah lima orang. Meskipun kini telah memiliki lima orang anak, Awangku Usop merasa kebahagiaannya belum lengkap sebelum melihat Dayang Kumunah tertawa.

Suatu hari, anak bungsu mereka mulai dapat berjalan dengan tertatih-tatih. Semua anggota keluarga tertawa bahagia melihatnya, kecuali Dayang Kumunah. Awangku Usop meminta Dayang Kumunah untuk tertawa. Dayang Kumunah menolaknya, namun suaminya terus mendesak. Akhirnya, Dayang pun tertawa. Saat tertawa itu, tampaklah insang ikan di mulut Dayang Kumunah yang menandakan ia keturunan ikan. Setelah itu, Dayang segera berlari ke sungai. Awangku Usop beserta anak-anaknya heran dan mengikutinya. Perlahan-lahan tubuh Dayang berubah menjadi ikan. Awangku Usop dan anak-anaknya ditinggalkannya. Awangku Usop telah mengingkari janjinya dengan meminta Dayang Kumunah tertawa.

Awangku Usop segera menyadari kekhilafannya dan meminta maaf. Dia meminta Dayang Kumunah kembali ke rumah mereka. Namun, semua sudah terlambat. Dayang telah terjun ke sungai. Dia telah menjadi ikan dengan bentuk badan cantik dan kulit mengkilap tanpa sisik. Mukanya menyerupai raut manusia. Ekornya seolah-olah sepasang kaki yang bersilang. Orang-orang menyebutnya ikan patin. Awangku Usop dan anak-anaknya sangat bersedih. Mereka berjanji tidak akan makan ikan patin karena dianggap sebagai keluarga mereka. Itulah sebabnya ada sebagian orang Melayu yang tidak makan ikan patin.